Confirming our worst fears

For many weeks, especially for those on twitter, the tale of the Queensland School for Travelling Show Children (search for the hashtag #QSTSC) has been the focus of substantive media attention. For those unfamiliar with the story, see here. Thanks to a number of colleagues in the twitterverse, notably @corisel, @effectsofNAPLAN, @lasic, and for the … Read moreConfirming our worst fears

Review of ‘School leadership and strategy in managerialist times’

Thanks to Howard Youngs (Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland) for a fair but firm review of my book, School Leadership and Strategy in Managerialist Times, which has just been published in the latest edition of Journal of Educational Administration and History. Youngs describes the book as: a welcome departure from rational approaches that oversimplify the … Read moreReview of ‘School leadership and strategy in managerialist times’

Conference learning

Last week I was in Brisbane for back-to-back conferences. First was a combined effort from ACU’s Centre for Creative and Authentic Leadership and UCEA’s Centre for the Study of Leadership and Ethics, a two day event around the theme of Ethical leadership: building capacity for those moments of challenging choices (see the program here). The … Read moreConference learning