Leadership or Management???

David Hartley (2010) building on the work of James O’Connor (1973), argues that changes in economic conditions bring about parallel changes in the ways we talk about management. Importantly, this relationship is most observable during periods of economic expansion and contraction. Despite the well established significance of education for national (and international) economies, this relationship … Read moreLeadership or Management???

Leadership research as a political act

As the new school year is almost upon us, many school systems and school leadership teams are well underway with preparing professional learning days and schedules. In this post I want to draw attention to the political nature of ‘leadership’ research. ‘Leadership’ studies, like any other member of the social sciences, owes its existence to … Read moreLeadership research as a political act

Educational leadership and public intellectualism

In this post I want to return to a topic I have previously written about (see here): educational leaders as public intellectuals. This is a timely matter in the Australian education context given the recently announced Review of the National Curriculum. The Review, to be undertaken by Professor Ken Wiltshire and Dr Kevin Donnelly, has received … Read moreEducational leadership and public intellectualism

Is there an international leadership curriculum?

Last week I sat on an advisory board for a Master of School Leadership at a university located on the other side of the globe. Apart from the wonders of technology allowing for such a meeting without needing to leave my office, the opportunity raised an enduring question for me: Is there an international curriculum … Read moreIs there an international leadership curriculum?

Principal autonomy will do the trick

The current Australian Government, and in particular Education Minister Christopher Pyne is arguing for further education reform. This comes after the former Labor Government’s many iterations of the ‘education revolution’. As with many Western nations, the Australian education system and in particular, many teachers, principals and students are suffering from reform overload. But it appears that … Read morePrincipal autonomy will do the trick