Australian ELMA scholarship – part two

Building from my previous post, I also want to draw attention to a current crop of Australian scholars – to which I would like to include myself – who are doing interesting work. This goes beyond merely drawing attention to my network (or circle of academic friends), rather it is to highlight the diversity of work … Read moreAustralian ELMA scholarship – part two

Australian ELMA scholarship – part one

Previously (see here), I argued for the need to recognise the history of a discipline in scholarship. This has been further reinforced for me this week while sitting on a doctoral panel and reading draft literature reviews from doctoral researchers. As an intellectual home, Australia has a rich tradition of contributing to educational leadership, management and administration … Read moreAustralian ELMA scholarship – part one

Let’s not forget the history of a discipline

This week I have read three articles that have reinforced my beliefs around the role of history – or historical disciplinary understanding –  in scholarship. This has also been reinforced through multiple conversations with colleagues on where do we expose graduate students to the history of the discipline. The first article is the latest by … Read moreLet’s not forget the history of a discipline