Taste of Research Winter Scholarship 2014

It is that time of year again. Applications are now open for the Taste of Research Winter Scholarship. There will be one competitive scholarship offered to a high achieving under-graduate student to work on two projects: i) the upcoming 2nd ELMA Theory Workshop – Administrative Theory without the ‘L’ word to be hosted in July; … Read moreTaste of Research Winter Scholarship 2014

Beyond ‘leadership’

Since arguably the 1990s there has been a distinct turn in research, scholarship and professional discourses towards ‘leadership’. This turn has been so successful that we no longer talk of ‘educational administration’ or ‘educational management’ and anyone aspiring to just about anything aims to be a ‘leader’. It has become somewhat of a negative comment … Read moreBeyond ‘leadership’

Bourdieu, educational leadership and prophets

Over the past week I have been writing a book chapter on ‘Sociological approaches to educational administration and leadership’ for an exciting book project by Paul Newton and David Burgess. In building my argument I pay particular attention to the trend of using the work of the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu in educational leadership, management … Read moreBourdieu, educational leadership and prophets