A new appointment

Today I have been confirmed in the role of External Monitor for the Master of Educational Leadership and Management at Unitec (Auckland, New Zealand) for the next two years. This role involves working with the programme team to monitor the quality of the programme. In particular, the role requires a site visit and ongoing engagement … Read moreA new appointment

Context matters: school leadership preparation in Africa

When it comes to organisational performance, leaders matter. Without significant attention to the preparation and development of school leaders, government initiatives aimed at building world class education systems are unlikely to succeed. Across the Anglophone world leadership preparation and development has become a key leverage point in education policy, with many nations establishing systems of … Read moreContext matters: school leadership preparation in Africa

Hot off the press

On an international scale, public administration is undergoing considerable restructuring as principles of private enterprise are becoming the orthodoxy. At the same time, economic instability (or crisis) is gripping both national and global financial markets, suggesting a flaw in the system or even that capitalism has reached its limits. Crises in capitalism are frequently met … Read moreHot off the press