Thinking of research traditions in ELMA

Following on from last week’s post about my work featuring on the SELMAS blog, this week I was interviewed by a graduate student from the University of Michigan regarding my work on educational leadership and policy, and my paper on offering an educational leadership unit to under-graduate students. One of the question about work in educational leadership … Read moreThinking of research traditions in ELMA

Making new connections

Last week my paper Beyond the hype of leadership featured on the blog for the Scottish Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society. My piece follows a stimulus from Walter Humes, part of the #Brainstrust series, challenging the discourses of leadership. In the bigger picture, while ‘leadership’ has been canonised in the scholarly and professional community, … Read moreMaking new connections

Diversity in the ELMA classroom

Recently I have been involved in many conversations about educational (but really school) leadership preparation and development. A consistent theme that comes up is around the differentiation of programs based on career stage. That is, the need for an ‘aspiring’, ’emerging’, ‘established’, ‘experienced’ and so, suite of programs. Although I understand the popularity of these initiatives … Read moreDiversity in the ELMA classroom