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Associate Professor Scott Eacott has been awarded the Outstanding Paper of the Year (International Journal of Educational Management) prize by the Emerald Publishing Group for his ground-breaking theoretical work challenging the use of ‘leadership’ in educational administration.

The paper, ‘Leadership’ and the social: time, space and the epistemic, is part of an ongoing generative research program led by Associate Professor Eacott developing a relational approach to the study of educational leadership, management and administration.

In the context of globalising education policy, changes in school governance and increasing political intervention in schooling, Associate Professor Eacott’s work is about strengthening our understanding of administration in time and space. This is particularly important when ‘leadership’ as a concept lacks any meaningful ties to time and space. In the contemporary world where social media and various other globalised technologies are both reducing geographic boundaries yet also reinforcing ties to the local, the limitations of a concept that is devoid of time and space has arguably reached its limits.

The Outstanding Paper award is the backbone of the Emerald awards programme. Papers are judged on their contribution to the body of knowledge, rigor of argument and analysis, relevance to practice and/or further research and overall excellence.

As one reviewer noted:

This was a very interesting and challenging article, introducing me to new ground in terms of the nature of leadership itself and how it should be conceived. There is much more that could be developed [for the  field] in future writings as a result of the issues raised.

The intellectual quality of Associate Professor Eacott’s work has enabled him to establish connections with many of the field’s leading thinkers and build an international reputation as a key figure in the use of critical social theory in educational administration.

The next step for this research program is the 2nd Educational Leadership Management and Administration (ELMA) Theory Workshop – Administrative theory without the ‘L’ word – being hosted at ACU North Sydney in July.

For further information about the award winning paper, or the ongoing work of the research program, contact Associate Professor Eacott ([email protected]).

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