Scott Eacott’s relational approach offers a distinctive variant of the relational sociology project. By not fitting neatly into any one field, the relational approach arguably charts new territory and promotes important dialogue and debate for understanding the organization of education. Beginning in studies of educational leadership, the relational approach has since been mobilized to explore … Read more

Pathways to the principalship

Last Thursday A/Prof Eacott spoke to the ‘Pathways to the principalship’ group from Sydney Catholic Schools as part of a program organized by The Brown Collective. His slides can be found below: Empowering educators through clarity, coherence and narrative from Scott Eacott This work builds on the ‘for practitioners’ resources working with the relational approach … Read morePathways to the principalship

Disruptions in production

Questioning Leadership offers a diverse mix of cutting-edge research in the field of educational leadership, with contributions from expert and emerging leadership scholars. It contextualises school leadership within broader social and historical contexts and traces its influence on school performance through time, from its relatively modest role within a systems theory paradigm to its growing … Read moreDisruptions in production

Relational approaches and the challenge for studying organizations

An interdisciplinary workshop, 14-15 July 2016 (UNSW) Call for Papers In his classic paper, Manifesto for a relational sociology, Emirbayer (1997) declares that ‘social thinkers from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds, national traditions, and analytic and empirical points of view are fast converging upon this [a relational] frame of reference’ (p. 311). As part … Read moreRelational approaches and the challenge for studying organizations

Hedley Beare Award 2015

Last week I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Hedley Beare Award for Educational Writing by the Australian Council for Educational Leaders.  Previous winners include John Hattie, Viviane Robinson, Peter Ribbins, Pat Duignan, Frank Crowther, Neil Cranston, Neil Dempster, Paul Brock. One thing that does stand out is that since the award’s inception in … Read moreHedley Beare Award 2015