Thinking with Bourdieu’s notion of the firm

The work of Pierre Bourdieu is regularly used in the scholarship of educational leadership, management and administration. Frequently this involves the use of the key concepts of fields, capital and habitus. Bourdieu does however offer many more intellectual resources for thinking through the organisation and administration of educational institutions. In a recent paper – Administration, … Read moreThinking with Bourdieu’s notion of the firm

More publications with students

Continuing a productive start to the year, doctoral candidate Gladys Asuga (UoNewcastle) has a paper appearing in the latest International Journal of Educational Management. In School leadership preparation and development in Kenya, Gladys, in combination with Jill Scevak (UoNewcastle) and myself, continues her analysis of the programs available to Kenyan school leaders through universities and … Read moreMore publications with students

Student research grant success

Rachel Gallagher (2013-2014 ELMA Summer Scholar) has been successful in securing a New South Wales Institute for Education Research (NSWIER) Student Research Grant. Rachel is successful in the under-graduate research category. The grant is to work on the Relations, Organising and Leadership in Education (ROLE) project with Dr Scott Eacott. The project description reads: The Relations, … Read moreStudent research grant success

New Frontiers in ELMA

Educational leadership, management and administration (ELMA) as a field of study has a rich history of epistemological debate. The latest Educational Philosophy and Theory is a Special Issue edited by myself and Colin Evers (UNSW) that explicitly engages with the onto-epistemological principles of scholarship in the ELMA. Recognising that debates are underway, but very much … Read moreNew Frontiers in ELMA

Doing literature work

This post comes from some work I am doing with research students currently. I want to start by acknowledging that you do not need to have a separate ‘literature review’ chapter in a thesis. While most do, this is not a requirement. Instead, what is required is a demonstration of disciplinary embeddedness. The simplest way … Read moreDoing literature work

Welcome 2014-2015 Summer Scholar

It is that time of year again. We welcome Matthew O’Shea as the 2014-2015 ELMA Taste of Research Summer Scholar. He will be working on the Relations, Organising and Leadership in Education (ROLE) project. This scoping study explores the extent of research available on relations, organising, and leadership in the specific disciplinary space of education. It … Read moreWelcome 2014-2015 Summer Scholar

#ELMA15 Call for Papers

Relational approaches: The next frontier or latest fad? 2-3 July 2015 – ACU (North Sydney) Relational approaches have been around since the earliest years of leadership, management and administration scholarship, and contemporary rhetoric stresses the importance of relationships. Despite this, notions of a relational turn are relatively recent. At the turn of the century James … Read more#ELMA15 Call for Papers

Reponse to Thomson, Lingard and Thrupp

Today, Jane Wilkinson (Griffiths), Richard Niesche (UNSW) and I acted as respondents to papers from Pat Thomson (Nottingham), Bob Lingard (UQ) and Martin Thrupp (Waikato) during an Educational Leadership SIG symposium on the ‘Dismantling of public education‘ at the #AARENZARE2014 conference. As a means of sharing, I thought I would write up my response. In … Read moreReponse to Thomson, Lingard and Thrupp