The Leadership Identity Journey

Having previously written about the importance of research traditions, the need for intra-disciplinary dialogue, and what is leadership,  it was with great pleasure that this week I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of The Leadership Identity Journey: An Artful Reflection (2014, Rowman & Littlefield) by Carol A. Mullen (Virginia Tech), Fenwick W. English (North Carolina) and William A. Kealy. I … Read moreThe Leadership Identity Journey

What is leadership?

The ELMA Theory Workshop last week was an outstanding success. The dialogue and debate around important issues for educational leadership was rigorous, but respectful of diversity. A question that arose following the discussion questioning ‘leadership’ was what exactly is it that we study when we claim to investigate leadership? This sounds confusing – and challenging. … Read moreWhat is leadership?

#ELMA2014 Day Two

The annual ELMA Theory Workshop wrapped up today with four papers and a commentary from Professors Colin Evers and Gabriele Lakomski. The theme for the event was Administrative theory without the ‘L’ word. Chris Branson‘s ‘What might ‘leading-ship’ look like‘ was the first paper of day. Generating plenty of discussion and dialogue, Branson described some … Read more#ELMA2014 Day Two


This week marks the flagship event for the ELMA research group with the annual ELMA Theory Workshop taking place at ACU North Sydney. Once again the workshop is over subscribed courtesy of the quality programme bringing together established and emerging scholars in educational leadership, management and administration from Australia and New Zealand. Taking up the … Read more#ELMA2014

Thinking of research traditions in ELMA

Following on from last week’s post about my work featuring on the SELMAS blog, this week I was interviewed by a graduate student from the University of Michigan regarding my work on educational leadership and policy, and my paper on offering an educational leadership unit to under-graduate students. One of the question about work in educational leadership … Read moreThinking of research traditions in ELMA

Making new connections

Last week my paper Beyond the hype of leadership featured on the blog for the Scottish Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society. My piece follows a stimulus from Walter Humes, part of the #Brainstrust series, challenging the discourses of leadership. In the bigger picture, while ‘leadership’ has been canonised in the scholarly and professional community, … Read moreMaking new connections