Upcoming Events

The relational approach is gaining increasing attention. A/Prof Eacott has been invited to give keynotes, lectures, seminars, and run workshops in Canada, Norway, Indonesia, South Africa, Mexico and every state of Australia.

Current popular seminars / workshops from A/Prof Eacott include:

For an academic seminar

Theoretical notes on a relational approach to organizational theory

Classic organizational theories build on substantialist assumptions and grant ontological status to organizations. Rarely do the underlying generative principles of scholarship get illuminated. Drawing on insights from sociology, organizational, leadership, and management studies, education, and specifically educational administration and leadership, the relational research program offers a methodological framework for scholarship. In this seminar A/Prof Eacott articulates a valuable series of ‘starting points’ for the intellectual resources of the relational research program with an even more valuable ‘concept glossary’, providing analytical description of the three key resources of auctor, organizing activity, and spatio-temporal conditions. In doing so, this paper sets out many of the relations among key concepts that the relational program offers for understanding organizing.



For a research workshop with higher degree researchers / early career researchers

Relational inquiry in the social sciences

The relational research program offers a fruitful approach to the study of educational administration and leadership. Built on five relational extensions and three key concepts, it offers a means of engaging with the messiness of the social world while focused on making a productive contribution. In this workshop A/Prof Eacott will facilitate dialogue and debate concerning how one might go about mobilizing the relational methodology in developing a research project, or writing a dissertation / thesis, journal article, or book. Drawing on actual examples from Honours, doctoral projects and his own work, this hands-on workshop will introduce participants to the relational template, a resource developed by A/Prof Eacott to assist those mobilizing the relational approach in their writing projects.


For a practitioner seminar

A relational approach to educational leadership

Educating is political. Decisions regarding what is taught, how it is taught, and how students are assessed reflect a version of what makes an effective school. Of course what is judged as effective is contested, but do we contest? I have no doubts that schools are good at what they prioritise – but are they clear about those priorities? In this seminar presentation A/Prof Eacott works through his relational approach to propose a flipped approached to school leadership. His core argument is built on three matters: i) effectiveness begins with clarity of purpose; ii) you are judged on your level of coherence against that purpose; and iii) you construct the narrative for your school. The result is a broad principle that recognises there is one size fits all approach to education, an embrace of professionalism in the justification of practices, and flipping the criteria for effective to educators and not those outside of schools. When taken together, this argument is about empowering educators to build a version of education and enacting that in the interests of students.


The following are a list of events that A/Prof Eacott will be presenting at in 2021 based on the relational approach:

19 Jan 2021     Guest lecture on researching, writing and presenting relationally

02 Feb 2021     ART Lab Seminar Series commences

TBC     Queensland Principals Conference (Queensland)

31 May 2021     Canadian Sociological Association ()

31 May 2021     Full term course on the relational approach starts

12 Aug 2021     South Australian Secondary Principals Conference (Adelaide, SA)



To request A/Prof Eacott to come and speak at your next event please contact him to discuss finer details.