LATEST PAPER: Theoretical notes on a relational approaches to principals’ time use

Principals’ time use has emerged as a serious policy problem in an era of reported decline in school outcomes and with difficulties in attracting quality candidates for vacancies. This contemporary crisis of the principalship is centred on an ever increasing workload (volume and complexity) and a deficit of time for instructional leadership. Units of the clock are the default version of time in modern Western society. This however is not a universal and is based on an external measure of practice. In this paper published in the Journal of Educational Administration and History this week, Dr Eacott presents a theoretical intervention for the field by proposing an alternate conceptualisation of temporality built on relational theorising that sees practice not as having time but generating time and space. It does not assume a single version of time and instead opens a fruitful scholarly direction for recasting principals’ time use literatures. To continue reading the paper click here.

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