More publications with students

Continuing a productive start to the year, doctoral candidate Gladys Asuga (UoNewcastle) has a paper appearing in the latest International Journal of Educational Management.

In School leadership preparation and development in Kenya, Gladys, in combination with Jill Scevak (UoNewcastle) and myself, continues her analysis of the programs available to Kenyan school leaders through universities and other leading institutions.

While there is growth in provision, consistent with international trends, this provision is more recognised for its standardisation than points of distinction; there is minimal attention to identified dimensions of leadership leading to higher student outcomes which raises questions regarding the universality of school leadership preparation and development curriculum; and the high course costs of current provision is an inhibiting factor in assessing the return of investment in school leadership preparation and development.

The analysis of educational leadership preparation and development in Kenya will continue in future papers where the utility of content will be questioned which will then reframe an analysis of the literatures emerging from African based research.

This work continues to build on papers already published in Educational Management, Administration and Leadership (EMAL) and International Journal of Educational Administration and Policy Studies (IJEAPS). There is also another paper not far off, and two more soon to be submitted. A very productive project.

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