New Directions in Educational Leadership Theory


New Directions in Educational Leadership Theory is an edited collection by myself and Colin W. Evers.

In the book, contributors sketch possible alternatives for advancing scholarship in educational leadership. The coherence of this volume comes not from the adoption of a single theoretical lens, but rather from its engagement with epistemology, ontology, and methodology. The choice of the plural ‘alternatives’ is deliberate, and its use is to evoke the message that there is more than one way to advance knowledge. The approaches adopted across this collection offer fruitful directions for the field and hopefully will stimulate substantive dialogue and debate in the interest of advancing knowledge.

Table of contents

Introduction – New frontiers in educational leadership, management and administration

Scott Eacott and Colin W. Evers

Problematising the intellectual gaze of the educational administration scholar

Scott Eacott

Toward an ontology of practices in educational administration: Theoretical implications for research and practice

Paul Newton and Augusto Riveros

Practice theory: Viewing leadership as leading

Jane Wilkinson and Stephen Kemmis

Thematic approach to theoretical speculations in the field of educational administration

Jae Park

Advocating a post-structuralist politics for educational leadership

Richard Niesche and Christina Gowlett

Leadership in a performative context: A framework for decision-making

Stephanie Chitpin and Ken Jones

Naturalism and educational administration: New directions

Colin W. Evers and Gabriele Lakomski

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