ONGOING WORK: Expanding the cult of the guru

In a 2017 paper in School Leadership and Management Dr Eacott argued that educational leadership was prone to the ‘cult of the guru‘. It attracted substantial interest – both positive and negative – and featured in blogs by many edu-bloggers including Deborah Netolicky, Jon Andrews, Ray Boyd, and Darcy Moore. Continuing this line of inquiry, Dr Eacott has now appropriated Neil Hall’s (2014) Kardashian index (K-index) to analyse educational leadership researchers.

A paper from the work is currently under-review at a leading education research journal. However, having identified some researchers who have social media profiles (e.g., Twitter following) higher than might be expected given scholarly track record (e.g., Google Scholar citations), the next phase of the work is to investigate the possibility of a Twitter Tagging Cartel (much like citation cartels in traditional scientific publishing) among those researchers. Building on the K-index, and mobilising social network analysis using NodeXL, this work has the potential to exposure some significant issue for educational leadership as increasingly teachers and school leaders turn to social media and the big names for their professional learning.

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