We are constantly seeking outstanding researchers to undertake doctoral (PhD, EdD), research masters (MRes), or Honours projects which advance relational theorizing through rigorous and robust social science. Additionally, we welcome proposals from highly motivated and talented researchers who believe they have the potential to make a significant contribution to advancing scholarship as post-docs, research assistants, visiting sabbatical researchers and collaborators. Read the 2022 prospectus here.

You are encouraged to read the below text related to current opportunities and what we are expecting to see in applications. Importantly, as Pat Thomson argues on her blog:

If I am to supervise and/or mentor someone, then I want to know that there is something in what they have to offer that I think is worthwhile and interesting AND that can contribute to and extend the work that I and colleagues already undertake. I’m looking for potential synergies and for ways in which the proposed research will contribute to the research networks and centre [or group] of which I’m part.

Therefore, if you are looking at applying for a doctorate / post-doc / honours with us, then it is expected that you articulate that there are these kinds of connections and you can only do this if you actually know what it is we do. Reading this webpage is a great start. So too is checking out Professor Eacott’s university webpage. Significantly, potential students should examine the Program tab of this site and current projects to gain a sense of the scope of my interests and expertise.

If you are a post graduate student and can secure funding at UNSW Sydney, or are looking to apply for PhD funding, then there is a great opportunity to be at the cutting edge of relational theorizing. We are currently recruiting higher degree researchers in three areas:

  1. Small schools
  2. Relational Inquiry into the Provision of Schooling (RIPS) analysis
  3. Re-casting expertise in educational leadership

If interested and eligible, contact Professor Eacott: [email protected]

Student Researchers

Master of Educational Leadership / Master of Education:

If you are enrolled in the MEdLead or MEd programs at UNSW Sydney and would like to do your final thesis (EDST5888) with us – please get in touch. We typically take on anywhere from 2-6 students each semester. After a meeting with Professor Eacott, you will need to apply through the usual School of Education processes.


If you are enrolled in an Honours program at UNSW Sydney and would like to do your thesis with us – please get in touch. Professor Eacott often supervises students from other Schools in collaboration with an academic from that School, e.g., sociology.

Research Interns:

We also regularly take on undergraduate interns who are looking for hands-on research experience. If you are interested – please get in touch. However, please bear in mind the time commitment needed and your current workload.

Graduate Researchers

International Student Scholarships:

We are constantly looking for high-calibre graduate students to undertake research towards their PhD, EdD, or Master degree. UNSW Sydney offers attractive scholarship to pursue Higher Degree by Research (HDR). Information for international students can be found on the UNSW Sydney website here.

Please note that these scholarships are EXTREMELY competitive.

To be ELIGIBLE you must:

  • Have an IELTS score above 6.5 (or equivalent, with no score below 6.0);
  • Have RECENTLY graduated from a 4 year undergraduate degree (or Masters) with 1st Class Honours;
  • Intend on enrolling as a full-time HDR candidate in the commencing semester after successful application.

However, a typical SUCCESSFUL candidate will:

  • Have very high grades throughout your degree and an excellent thesis / final year project;
  • Have graduated from one of the top universities in their country; and
  • Be first author on at least one appropriately ranked journal (see Scimago).

Fee-Paying International Students:

We are happy to host you if you have a full postgraduate scholarship from your own country or if you are planning on self-funding your PhD. You must still meet the eligibility requirements for a PhD program and if this is the case – please get in touch to discuss options.

Domestic Student Scholarships:

Australian and New Zealand residents can apply for an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) scholarship, with much more detail available here. To be eligible for these scholarship you must have a 1st Class Honours degree and Australian/NZ residency/citizenship.