PhD Opportunity: School reform for equity and excellence

PhD Opportunity: School reform for equity and excellence

As part of UNSW’s Scientia PhD Scholarship program there is a unique opportunity to come and do a PhD under the supervision of Dr Scott Eacott, Dr Richard Nieshce, and Professor Colin W Evers.

Project Details

Educational equity, access, and excellence have emerged as serious social problems in an age of economic and social disparity and instability. This project focuses on how these problems are being redefined via initiatives seeking to ‘lead’ under-engaged and/or under-achieving populations through school (primary or secondary) reforms in regional and rural Australia (and elsewhere). Bringing an inter-disciplinary approach to the grand challenges of equity, access and excellence, the aim is to build a strong empirical foundation that can inform current government and educational initiatives by examining the relations among educational, social, economic, geographic, and historical factors on school improvement/reform interventions.

Theoretically, the ideal candidate would have some background in education, leadership, and/or sociology. Particular preference would be given to candidates with working knowledge of social critical theory.

Methodologically, the project is diverse and the ideal candidate would have a skill set across one or more of the following: philosophical inquiry, empirical fieldwork (e.g., questionnaire and quantitative analysis; data mining of school-level performance data and resource usage; qualitative skills in interviews and focus groups), and/or document analysis.

Practically, the ideal candidate would have some skills engaging with professionals (e.g., educators, principals, teachers, systemic officers) and have effective written and oral presentation skills.

Personally, the ideal candidate would be willing to learn, be well read, and happy to network nationally and internationally.

Benefits include:

  • A $40K stipend for four years;
  • A $10k career development fund; and
  • Explicit career mentoring to kick start an academic career.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr Eacott ([email protected])

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