Current Projects

In addition to a range of writing for publication commitments, Dr Eacott and his team are currently engaged in a number of research activities including:


Regional Secondary School Consolidation: Experiments in School Leadership

This project aims to build a strong empirical foundation for current government and educational initiatives, by examining the relations among education, social, economic, geographic, and history on school consolidation in regional NSW. This project brings together previously separated domains of education research such as rural, remote and regional education, educational leadership, school reform, and school effectiveness in a large cross-national exploration of school consolidation. The project will clarify the processes by which consolidation becomes limited or enhanced, providing a new and relevant analysis of policy models, and new empirical insights into school consolidation in Australia.

Funders: NSW Department of Education; School of Education (UNSW Sydney)

Collaborators: Amanda Heffernan (Monash); Richard Nieche (UNSW Sydney)


Cult of the guru

This work is investigating the rise of gurus in educational leadership. Particular attention is paid to those researchers / keynote speakers who have profiles well in excess to what might be expected given their scholarly / research track record. This project began with a 2017 paper – School leadership and the cult of the guru.

Current initiative include the appropriation of the Kardashian index into educational leadership and the proposal of ‘Twitter tagging cartels’ among those with high K-index. Multiple papers are currently under review and papers will be presented at the annual conference of the Australian Association for Research in Education in December.


Principals’ Experiencing Time (PET): A Pilot Project

Principals’ time use has emerged as a serious issue in an era of declining school outcomes. Enduring struggles to attract enough high quality applicants for positions, declining well-being and burnout of existing principals, and workforce profiles indicate a forthcoming generational shift in Australian school leadership. However, little is known of how principals experience their time. The aim of this project is to synthesize and characterize how principals’ experience their working day. This project will provide foundational understanding of principals’ experiences of time, and new, empirically supported foci for interventions designed to prepare and develop school leaders.

Funders: Industry Partners; School of Education (UNSW Sydney)

Higher Degree Researchers: Joshua Moses (Honours)