Recognition as national field leading researcher

Recognition as national field leading researcher

The 2018 Research Magazine published by The Australian, is dedicated to highlighting the excellence of Australian researchers, universities and other research institutions. Drawing on a volume of information available online, The Australian coupled the data skills of talent discovery and research analytics firm League of Scholars to generate a list of leading researchers and research institutions across more than 250 fields of research.

Fortunately, for Educational Administration, I was recognized as the field leading researcher in Australia (and the University of Queensland was identified as the leading institution).

Further details on how League of Scholars generates data can be found in this post [click here] on the LSE Blog. In summary though, ““… as more and more detailed, timely, and global data is available from online sources including … League of Scholars, research leaders will be able to gain perspectives and insights into the increasingly fast-moving, mobile world of research and research talent in ways hitherto impossible.”


While it is important to never get too carried away with any ranking / rating system, it is nice to have work recognized – on the basis of data – in such a way.


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