Student research grant success

Rachel Gallagher (2013-2014 ELMA Summer Scholar) has been successful in securing a New South Wales Institute for Education Research (NSWIER) Student Research Grant. Rachel is successful in the under-graduate research category.

The grant is to work on the Relations, Organising and Leadership in Education (ROLE) project with Dr Scott Eacott. The project description reads:

The Relations, Organising and Leadership in Education (ROLE) scoping study explores the extent of research available on relations, organising, and leadership in education. It will provide a rapid overview of this research area, outline gaps in existing literatures and, most importantly, provide recommendations for further research. This will be achieved by identifying what work has been done already, drawing out current and potential intersections, highlighting emerging trends, and suggesting themes that may be under-researched. As a capacity building exercise, it will showcase emergent findings during a workshop and solicit further input in shaping ongoing scholarship.

As this work progresses, resources will be added to this website (e.g. list of references, a discussion paper, workshop materials) and the outputs from this grant, in combination with other ongoing work, will be the basis of a special issue or edited book proposal.

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