Educational Leadership Relationally

This book marks the first book-length treatment of the relational research program that I am advancing. Published by Sense, this book will be the focus of a Special Issue of Journal of Educational Administration and Foundations. Significantly, this book introduces the five relational extensions that constitute the relational methodology: The centrality of “organizing” in the … Read moreEducational Leadership Relationally

Relational approaches and the challenge for studying organizations

An interdisciplinary workshop, 14-15 July 2016 (UNSW) Call for Papers In his classic paper, Manifesto for a relational sociology, Emirbayer (1997) declares that ‘social thinkers from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds, national traditions, and analytic and empirical points of view are fast converging upon this [a relational] frame of reference’ (p. 311). As part … Read moreRelational approaches and the challenge for studying organizations