Welcome 2014-2015 Summer Scholar

It is that time of year again. We welcome Matthew O’Shea as the 2014-2015 ELMA Taste of Research Summer Scholar. He will be working on the Relations, Organising and Leadership in Education (ROLE) project.

This scoping study explores the extent of research available on relations, organising, and leadership in the specific disciplinary space of education. It will provide a rapid overview of this relatively indistinct research area, outline gaps in existing literatures and, most importantly, provide recommendations for further scholarship. This will be achieved by identifying what work has been done already, drawing out current and potential intersections, highlighting emerging trends, and suggesting themes that may be under-researched.

In addition to making resources available on this website, the outcomes of this project will be presented at the ELMA Theory Workshop 2015 which has the theme of: Relational approaches: New frontier or latest fad?

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