School leadership and context

Project title: The implications of context on school leadership

Chief Investigators: A/Prof Scott Eacott (UNSW)

Research Assistants: TBC

Funding source(s): Pending

Overview: The National School Reform Agenda aspires to deliver a high-quality and equitable school system. With the Australian Government investing $310.3 billion in education over the next decade, the stakes are high. Delivering on this investment is unlikely without attention to developing context-sensitive school leadership. Such leadership has a positive impact on health, employment, wages, social inclusion, while reducing crime, incarceration and teenage pregnancy. In addition, reducing the school performance gap based on location could add millions to the national economy. What remains is an evidence void on the impact of school leadership in context. Building on a series of preliminary studies, this project sharpens the point that context matters for understanding school leadership and the impact of schooling. It will provide a comprehensive evidence base and essential theoretical insights for optimising school leadership for both academic and non-academic outcomes. Such evidence is timely for governments, systems, and schools to deliver a high-quality and equitable education for all.

Status: ongoing

Outputs: forthcoming