Under the leadership of A/Prof Scott Eacott the relational research program at the Advancing Relational Theorising Lab is about pushing the edge of what we know about the social world. Our work is located within a network of internationally renowned and emerging scholars (see here, here and here) whose ongoing scholarship is seriously and consequentially engaged in theoretical and methodological developments in relational research. Scholarship from the team is therefore aimed at the forefront of contemporary thought and analysis and in doing so, stimulates dialogue and debates in the interest of advancing scholarship.

Additionally, and crucially, A/Prof Eacott’s primary purpose is creating a research environment dedicated to fostering and delivering internationally recognised research and research training. This is achieved through structured internal research dialogue and establishing collaborations with key national and international scholars and research centres to develop new and ground-breaking theories and methodologies relevant to the contemporary world.

Contact Details

Scott Eacott
PhD MLMEd GradCertPTT BTeach/BSocSci FACEL

Deputy Head of School, Research
Room G15 | Morven Brown Building
School of Education
University of New South Wales
P: +61 (0)2 9385 0704
E: [email protected]
T: @ScottEacott